Terms and Conditions

Before you buy a NFTBUZZ NFT, please read these Membership Terms and Conditions carefully. Do not buy a NFTBUZZ NFT or join a non-NFT membership tier if you disagree with these T&Cs.

Disclaimer: NFTBUZZ is not a registered broker, analyst, or financial advisor. None of the information shared within the NFTBUZZ Community Server or the official NFTBUZZ website is or should be taken as financial or investment advice.

Please note that within the creator economy space, there are always risks. Anything shared within the NFTBUZZ server, including links to external websites, may have associated risks that you should always take into consideration and assess independently.

By purchasing a membership pass, they are not sold as, and you are not buying a security or investment. The NFTBUZZ team shall not be held liable for any losses, mistakes, or taxes you may incur as a result of such purchase.

The creator economy space is evolving quickly and can be filled with bad actors. Please ensure you are always doing your own due diligence within this space and working with your financial advisor before making any financial decisions.

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